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Webinar "Communicating through #packaging"

  • Looking for packaging innovation and getting to the market faster?

  • Don't you manage to respond quickly to In & Outs, timing, versions for your different markets or sales channels?

  • Do you need to offer something more to your brands, beyond packaging?

  • How far have you got with your packaging? - Versions, temporalities, short-runs, customization and customized versions.

Register for free at the webinar, “Communicating through #packaging”, Tuesday, July 21, 10 am


In one hour you will learn about the options that flexible packaging digital printing gives you, creative ways and cases to connect your product and your brand with specific audiences, speak to each segment and captivate the loyalty of your consumers.


Exclusive webinar for creative agencies and offices, specialized in packaging.

Instapouch from the Folmex group invites you; leaders in flexible packaging.


We will wait for you


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  • Minimum order from 3,280 linear feet.

  • Maximum printing width 28.3 inches.

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