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Learn about the insights that will help you grow your brand. The forces that influence your client's decision and ends with a plan for developing communication concepts in your packaging.

Find out why the best means of communication is your product.


Webinar 1: Packaging, your best means of communication

  • Trends that push change

  • Disruptive innovation in packaging

  • The future of communication

  • Media channels

  • The old paradigm and the new media

  • Markets and drivers

  • The 3 main values of the Marks.

Webinar 2: Costs and impacts in the supply chain

  • Media channels: The old paradigm and the new media

  • Markets and drivers

  • The 3 main values of the Brands
    - Value for the consumer
    - Composition and cost reduction
    - Sustainability

Webinar 3: Differentiation Strategies

  • Shelf differentiator; Novel packaging

  • Standard product with decoration; Customization or variable data

  • Same SKU with multiple versions

  • Same SKU with special versions (timing, events)

  • Same SKU with unique versions

  • Unique and personalized versions by the consumer; Web ordering

  • Products as a medium

Webinar 4: Execution, security and digital world in your product

  • Execution strategies with the supply chain

  • Security options: Brand protection, authentication and traceability

  • Product life cycle management

  • Connecting packaging to the digital world

Webinar 5: Development of communication concept in your packaging

  • Actividades de Prework WHO, WHEN, WHERE and HOW

  • Sesión de generación de conceptos

  • Oportunidades de diferenciación y de agregar valor al consumidor

  • Opciones digitales

  • Generación de conceptos

  • Exposición y retroalimentación